Monday, June 25, 2012

Being A Member Of A Medical Aid Is Always Beneficial

The existence of medical aid has made it possible for people to receive life saving treatments. All kinds of people are able to afford medical care. That is because the industry is growing with a number of medical aid companies having increased over the years.
Nations are becoming healthier and the lifespan of people is also increasing. This is helping with improving the standard of living for people because they are able to lead disease free lives. The level of stress also goes down because people do not have to worry about their future wellbeing.
Paying The Same Premiums
Everybody pays more or less the same premiums every month. However this will change from case to case depending on what sorts of needs the different members have. Your age when joining a scheme will also play a role in determining your premiums.
Generally if you join after you have reached the age of 35 you will be subjected to a small penalty in a form of increased premiums. This is done to enable the medical aid to provide you with appropriate benefits. The money you pay will always go toward ensuring that you have adequate cover.
People with pre existing conditions are also able to join medical aids and also pay the same amount as the rest of the members. The only thing they would have to do is serve a waiting period that is imposed by schemes to make sure that they are protected against risk.
People are never prevented from joining based on the illnesses that they are suffering from. Everybody has an opportunity to join as long as they can afford to keep the monthly premiums up to date. All kinds of people are able to join irrespective of what is happening in their personal circumstances.
Chronic Illnesses Covered
People with chronic illnesses can be accommodated so that they can receive the medication they need to treat their illness. A special programme is drafted for them to accommodate the special circumstances. The chronic medication will be available to the member for as long as they need it.
Their condition will be monitored regularly to see if the treatment regime needs to be modified. Should there be a need for any modifications the medical aid will make the proper arrangements. They do this with relevant medical institutions to ensure that your programme is changed accordingly.
The contributions that are made by members on a monthly base are pooled together to make sure that cover will be provided for the members. The monies are never used for anything else because the sole reason for the existence of medical aid companies is to provide cover for members.
Medical aids are regulated by authorities so they have to always conduct themselves in a manner that is beneficial to the members. This ensures that the monies that people pay are not wasted on anything else. Hence as a member the money you pay will never go to waste.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Rise and Rise in Healthcare

Health care cost have been rising way over the cost of living for all us for many decades now. This is the case whether you are serviced by a public sector or private sector health service or a mixture of both (as is most common).
What is going on? Why are we paying ever more high costs for healthcare?
There appear to be a multitude of reasons to choose from: 
1. Drug and healthcare equipment inflation 
2. More treatments and more drugs being available 
3. Increased longevity 
4. Subsidised and insured health increasing demand 
5. More access to self-diagnosis/amateur diagnosis (internet) 
6. Healthcare more widely available in the third world making healthcare resources more stretched 
7. Increase in preventative care resulting in inevitable waste (providing healthcare for those who are not ill)

A long book could be written about drug inflation and that is just the first topic. However, this is surely more of a symptom rather than a cause of higher health costs. My hunch is that no.2 is the greatest reason for higher healthcare costs: increased availability for treatments.
The problem with healthcare is that it doesn't follow normal supply/demand patterns, especially in western countries. If we have eaten well then we can say we are full. Demand has been fully satisfied. However, healthcare is different; the goalposts are constantly on the move. There was a time when most people would only see a doctor if they we were too ill to function. Then we started to lower the bar to the point when even a mild headache could trigger a doctor's appointment (for some people at least). Then as our health improved more emphasis was put on measures we could take to prevent illness and live long and agile life. The goalposts are moving yet again with recent forays into cosmetic treatments.
I offer no judgements but merely observe. Surely it is a good thing that we are healthier? However if we are under increasing financial pressure and stress as we try to find money to pay for all of this, where should the line be drawn?
Does the stress caused by the higher cost of living makes us less happy? Is mental health being sacrificed in favour of physical health? We have a greater quantity of life but are we getting the quality of life to go with it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6 Point to Know About General Healthcare and Safer Medical Products

For the past two years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been working intensively on improving the safety and quality of generic medical products, which represent nearly 70% of a medical products used by the American population. Following you will find some information on the FDA's initiative and on the measures the Administration has taken in order to increase the safety of generic these products.
1. First and foremost, the FDA has proposed a significant budget increase for the improvement of medical products safety, an increase which can allow them to make all the necessary changes. Their initiative includes using the investments in order to implement new methods for an efficient control of the safety and security of medical products US patients rely on.
2. The first step of this process is represented by an increased oversight of medical products in the supply chain. In order to ensure that these products are in compliance with FDA safety standards, the Administration has increased the number of field exams and inspections as well as its access to inspection data and results issued by other, foreign regulatory authorities.
3. Additionally, the FDA has increased its response to the arising of various issues, by more quickly targeting the company responsible for the problem and by more rapidly identifying companies that have not violated the safety standard. What is more, the FDA has strengthened its collaboration with local and state authorities in order to come up with an efficient response.
4. In order to target areas of greater risk, the FDA has been using the extra budget to invest in updated technology systems, increased analysis of relevant data, better recruitment and enhanced training courses for staff in the statistical and decisional fields, and improvements in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. All of this improvements and upgrades were made with the intention of better targeting medical companies that violate FDA safety standards.
5. Another way of improving safety for the FDA is by establishing a better relationship with patients. More specifically, the FDA will focus on improving risk communication so that patients can understand what they can do and what they should not do in case of safety problems.
6. The FDA has been working on improving the safety of a wide range of these products, including biological products (blood, tissue, and vaccines), medical devices, human drugs (especially generic drugs), veterinary drugs and feeds, and pediatric products. Some measures include the modernizing of the standards for producing and manufacturing these products, increased supervision of the manufacturing process, the development of new screening tests, the improvement of safety reviews for various devices, increased level of sampling, and so on.
In conclusion, the FDA's measures to increase the safety of medical products represent an honorable initiative that is already starting to show results. Hopefully, the Administration will continue on this track for many years to come so that American patients can enjoy safe and secure these products. For more information on the FDA's initiative, contact their official website.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Is Ethics and Corporate Compliance in Healthcare All About: 7 Points

Ethics and Corporate Compliance training courses promote better communication, increased security, and efficient decision-making within healthcare facilities. Listed below is some information on what these types of training courses really entail and why it is crucial that medical employees attend it.
1. Ethics and corporate compliance training courses designed for hospitals and medical clinics deal with a variety of topics, most of them concerning legal aspects. Depending on the company offering the training course, these topics include, but are not limited to: fraud and abuse laws, the stark law, the false claims act, the anti kickback statute, mail and wire fraud, federal exclusion, the perils of non-compliance, and civil and criminal penalties. The exact topics may differ a little, but these are the most important points covered.
2. These training classes help reinforce the importance of ethics within the work place and they promote responsibility for both staff members and senior management. They are important for healthcare facilities because they teach employees how to act right from a legal point of view and they help prevent situations such as breaching of patient confidentiality, harassment, identity theft, and so on.
3. Ethics and compliance training is a course which hospital employees and management have to take and pass for their credentialing. Most companies that offer such training have online interactive platforms which are easy and fast to use by applicants. The courses may be presented in Adobe flash format or they may be text based with optional audio narration.
4. After the member views, reads or listens to the course, he or she is required to pass a test, usually a multiple answers one, before being able to receive the certificate. Some training courses offer members the possibility to take the test multiple times, with absolutely no pressure.
5. A company offering ethics and corporate compliance training classes for healthcare professionals may offer extra advantages and features, such as a member friendly interface, real life scenarios, case studies, and the ability to directly print the certificate upon completion of the course.
6. As a manager, you can sign up all of the staff members that need to complete the ethics and corporate compliance training and you may even get a discount for a certain number of people subscribed. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities usually also receive an organization discount.
7. The great advantage of online training courses in general is that you gain instant access to all the courses you need, from the moment you sign up a pay the inscription fee. Additionally, because healthcare training course have to comply with certain regulations, they are constantly updated, for no additional fee.
Some companies even offer no questions asked money back guarantees, so if you or one of your employees is dissatisfied with the course you can easily recuperate your investment.
These are some of the most important things one needs to know about ethics and corporate compliance training courses in the healthcare system. For more information, contact any company offering ethics and corporate compliance training.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Medical Aid Will Give You A Peace Of Mind

Getting medical aid will help you prepare for medical emergencies. You will be able to get one even if you do not earn a big salary. It is better to be prepared for medical emergencies than be caught off guard. You will be able to deal with the situation with out worrying about finances.
You will recover from your medical condition in no time. The knowledge that you have adequate financial backing for your medical needs will help you in your recuperation efforts. Your body will be relaxed which means it will respond better to medication.
Superior Medical Attention
With adequate finances your medical emergency will be dealt with satisfactorily and you will be able to get back to health. Medical aid helps you get access to the best doctors around. You will also be able to be admitted to the best hospitals that provide superior medical attention.
Your family will not have to worry about paying the medical bill if something happen to you. Having medical aid means you do not have to be a burden to anybody. Should you happen to be in an emergency you can be rushed to the hospital without delay.
Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you join. Fortunately there are a number of good medical aid providers to choose from. All you need to do is a bit of research to find out which provider will be suitable for your needs.
Spending on medical aid is one of the necessary expenditures you need to make. Once you find the provider most suitable to your unique needs you must not hesitate to join. You need to get onto a suitable scheme as soon as you can to be protected in case of a medical emergency.
When you reach an age where you start to be sickly you want to be sure that you have adequate cover. Do not let your judgement be clouded by having good health at the moment. You will not be young forever which means as you grow older you will have more medical needs.
Plan Your Budget To Accommodate Medical Aid
Look at all the non essential expenditures you make on a monthly base and decide which ones you can live without. You must rearrange your budget so that medical aid contributions can be accommodated. There will always be other areas of your life where you can redirect some funds from.
One needs to lead a life with very minimal stress. Being healthy should take priority because you need to be fit to be able to deal with the challenges that life presents. You will also start to be productive in other areas of your life such as at work.
Your children need to be able to receive the best medical attention from good hospitals. If you happen to have small children that need constant medical attention you need to get medical aid. You and your spouse will never have to worry about their wellbeing.